Heath Golf & Yacht Club

Heath Golf & Yacht Club

Executive Summary

Presented From: Rob Whittle, Developer of Heath Golf & Yacht Club

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The 787 acre lakefront master planned resort/residential community is located in the City of Heath. It includes 1,236 homes, golf course, private country club, hotel and retail. An elementary school is part of the master plan as well as trails, parks and greenbelts. The entire project is served through the highly regarded Rockwall Independent School District.

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The 27-hole championship golf course will be built in 2 phases. Construction of the first 18 holes will commence at the beginning of Phase 2 of the project. The visual concept of the 18 holes is that it will be viewed primarily as a resort golf course. Generally speaking, the golfer will not see any residential component as he or she plays the course other than the villas and patio homes near the clubhouse. Eventually, there would be an area of residential lots along the left side of the Golf Holes #1, #2 & #3 that would be visible from the golfer’s point of view. These would be some of the last lots to be developed. We expect the golf course to open in October of 2017.

The final 9 holes have the style more in keeping with a residential course. The fairways are still wide, but the homes will front the course in a more traditional manner (like that of the Buffalo Creek Golf Club). The developer/builder will charge a premium for the golf course lots on the final 9 holes. The timing of construction of these final 9 holes would be tied directly to the anticipated development of the lots in this area. The Proforma contemplates a construction date of 2019.

The full golf course membership is $20,000 initiation fee and approximately $500 per month. The golf course membership is optional.


The clubhouse is projected to be built in 3 phases. Phase One of 3,000 square feet will be completed when the Phase One lots are completed. Phase Two will be an additional 7,000 square feet and will be completed when the golf course opens. The final phase of the clubhouse will be an additional 15,000 square feet and membership sales will dictate the timing of this final phase of the clubhouse. All residents are required to be a social member of the club. The initiation fee is $1,000 and the social dues are $125 per month.

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The pool, 3 tennis courts and parking lot will be completed shortly after the delivery of the Phase One lots. Additional amenities will be built as the clubhouse expands and members are added.


The children’s playground, park and Phase One of the trails will be completed at the delivery of the Phase One lots.


The main entrance will be on FM 740. It will feature spectacular landscaping, water features and architectural features. There will not be any homes visible near the entrance in the early years. The marketing concept is to create an elegant resort destination as the front door to Heath Golf and Yacht Club.


The road that winds from the entrance to the clubhouse location will be lined on both sides with golf course landscaping, flowing creeks and small cascading waterfalls. From designated vantage points, the driver may choose to continue to the clubhouse in the distance that he or she views over the series of small lakes. The driver may also choose to venture toward the residential area or amenity center from those designated vantage points.


The concept of the 332 lots in Phase One is to attract 4 distinct affluent homebuyers. Phase One is being developed in 2 different sub phases, Phase 1A (198 lots) and Phase 1B (134 lots).

  • SINGLE FAMILY LOTS – These 150 lots are designed for the builders of single family homes in the $380,000-$500,000 price range. The lots are generally 70′ and 80′ wide. They are adjacent to the park, trails and future elementary school. These lots are already sold.
  • PATIO HOME LOTS – The lots are 50′ and 60′ wide. They are designed with the affluent empty nester buyer in mind. There are 3 areas near the clubhouse. There are a total of 124 of these patio home lots in Phase One. These lots will be in the $300,000-$500,000 price range. These lots are already sold.
  • SINGLE FAMILY CUSTOM LOTS – Heath has traditionally been a custom home builder market. These lots are on the future ponds of the project. The lots are $150,000-$395,000. The expectation is that these homes will range from $700,000-$1,500,000. These 39 lots will probably be purchased by the various Rockwall/Heath area custom builders.


The project has an approved Municipal Management District MMD (similar concept as a MUD).


  • MMD – $0.65
  • ROCKWALL ISD – $1.47
  • THE CITY OF HEATH – $0.34

Therefore, the combined property tax rate is approximately $2.85.



  • Broke Ground – April 2014
  • Lot Delivery of Phase 1A – January 2016
  • Completion of Tennis Courts, Pool, Playground, Phase 1 of Clubhouse – May 2016
  • Golf Course Opening (Estimation) – October 2017



Heath Golf and Yacht Club is a proposed Master Planned Community to be located on approximately 787 acres within the affluent community of Heath, Texas on Lake Ray Hubbard.

The property was assembled over a 10 year timeframe by veteran Rockwall County Developer, Robert Whittle.

The Project will include 1,236 single-family residences, golf facilities, amenities and lake location.

The 1,236 single family lots will be constructed in phases. Phase One will include 332 lots. The production lot mix is to be comprised of 70 foot width lots (85), 80 foot width lots (69) and Patio lots (124). Premium custom lots in Phase One will be Ponds/Lake View (39) and Lake Front Lots (15).

Future Phases will include 904 additional lots.

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